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It's a family thing

In 1975, John and Susan Wang, newly minted citizens to the US, spent their life's savings to purchase the Candlelight Bakery and put down roots in Millbrae to raise their family in the quiet suburb.  Millbrae's older citizens would remember young Richard as he learned hospitality along side his Mom and Dad. 

Now, just like his parents did so many years ago, Richard Wang and his wife, Patricia, have left their home and family behind to follow their dream of serving a new community and bringing their special brand of hospitality with them. 

Our food is fresh, fun, and healthy.  We strive to bring people together in a family-friendly environment, serve them good food at a decent price, and welcome them back again and again.   And while you are here, look around, you just might find that you need a piece of our unforgettable fudge, or find the perfect vintage piece to give to a friend. 

About us:
Between the two of us, we have been pretty much everywhere.  Richard mostly, but I have done my share of traveling.  Good food, to us, means interesting and surprising flavors in some dishes, and simple food made with the very best ingredients in others.  From street food to five star, we simply enjoy everything food.  Those flavors that might be new to you, we hope you will give a try. 

I grew up in a small town where there were far more cows than people.  Doors were never locked, and I could ride my bike the three miles to see my closest friend by myself. 

I spent my career, mostly as an English and art teacher and principal, but also dabbled in cooking, serving as a personal chef, and other ventures.  My first experience cooking for large numbers was on the island of Okinawa, where I baked 2000 Christmas cookies for the Marines stationed there. My last business was a vintage wedding dress endeavor where I restored, marketed, and sold vintage wedding dresses all over the world.  At one point, I had the largest stock of vintage wedding dresses on the internet. 

Richard is a first generation Chinese, raised near San Francisco.  While studying at Berkeley, Richard worked in five star restaurants in San Francisco and, later, worked in finance and spent some time as a federal prosecutor in Washington DC. 

Though it is hard to leave family and our home state behind, we fell in love with Sheridan, just as it is.  Our goal is to become a part of, and a benefit to, the community, and serve its needs the best we can.  

If we are in the store working, come on by and say hello.   


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